M64 Full & Regular Meeting – 13 & 14 February 2019

M64 EnR Full & Regular Meeting took place on the 13 & 14 February 2019 at the EuroStars Hotel in Berlin. It was hosted by Dena and was co-organised by the Troika (ENEA, ANRE and EST). 

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Meeting documents:

M64 Agenda
Travel Kit M64
Members photo
Attendee list
M64 actions & decisions

Programme (with presentations where applicable)

Day 1 Regular Meeting

Opening session
Internal information & discussions 
  • Presentation & Adoption of M64 Agenda, incl. adoption of M63 Minutes
  • News from EnR agencies – EnR-related changes at member agencies
  • Membership applications: Malta (EWA) – (Report from the evaluation team) and presentation by Manuel Sapiano (EWA Chief Executive Officer)
  • Updates on events with EnR involvement
  • Updates by Presidency: LoS issued in 2018/2019,
  • Meeting hosts/venues beyond June. 2019 & Presidencies 2020, 2021

Working Groups 

Proposals to be adopted at Full Meeting – Discussion & Summary  

EnR Collaborative projects session 
  • PUBLEnEF – Energy Efficiency Policy Support, Pietro Falconi, ENEA
  • ENSMOV – Enhancing the implementation and monitoring and verification practices of energy saving policies under Article 7 of the EED, Branka Jelavić, EIHP
  • HACKS – Heating and cooling know-how and solutions, Nicolas Dyevre, ADEME
  • LABEL2020 – New Label driving supply and demand of energy efficient products, Kerstin Schilcher, AEA

Day 2 Full Meeting

Invited Speakers Session – EU long-term Strategy: Climate neutral Europe by 2050 
  • Introduction by  Philip Sellwood EST
  • Chair – Emilie Carmichael  EST
Decisions arising from Regular Meeting to be adopted              
  • EWA signing ceremony

Report from Outgoing Presidency (ENEA) and Handover       

Report from Incoming Presidency (EST)
Meetings/Venues 2019/20 & Presidencies beyond 2019   
  • Venues and dates for EnR Meetings in 2019 (EST)
  • Candidate/s for Presidency 2020, 2021  (EST)