The objective of the EnR Buildings Working Group is to act as a forum for information exchange to inform the policies and initiatives of countries represented, and for the initiation of joint projects. The group covers policies, initiatives, and technical measures, as relevant to the implementation of existing European policies as a whole, or to cross-country information exchange.

The group’s focus is the energy performance of buildings. This covers energy efficiency, combined heat and power, and renewable energy measures, as applicable to the building. It does not include off-site generation of renewable energy, but does include issues around connection to the grid of on-site energy generation.

The EnR Buildings Working Group addresses policies, initiatives, and technical measures. Technical issues will be addressed to the extent that they are relevant to policies and initiatives. The group will cover technical research and monitoring needs, but is not a forum for detailed technical discussion.The group covers both newbuild and existing buildings in its work programme. It focuses on issues relating to the residential sector only at present.

The EnR Buildings Working Group was established in February 2007.


The EnR Buildings Working Group is currently chaired by ADENE – Agência para a EnergiaIf you have any questions, or would like to find out more, please contact the Buildings Working Group Chair, João Cleto.