Energy & Water Labelling for the taps and showers market: Contribution for increased adoption of efficient water use products, fixtures, and appliances 

Implementation of water saving fixtures, alone, can produce up to 50% water savings in buildings, with energy and CO2 emissions reduction by end users and urban water systems. To guarantee that water labelling schemes have a similar impact to the European energy label, which drove the market to develop more efficient products, and to nudge the consumer to select products based on water efficiency, it is important to engage both the industry and the consumers. 

In this study, a consumer survey on “European population’s perception of products and fixtures labelling schemes” was carried out aiming to provide input to the European discussion on water-energy labelling, involving the European Commission and other relevant stakeholders, about a mandatory option, through the EU energy label, or a voluntary option, through an agreement between industry and European Commission. 

The preliminary results of the study were presented at a webinar, on September 27th, 2022, that gathered more than 140 participants. Full information on the webinar, speakers, presentations and video of the event can be obtained here.  

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