Presidency & Secretariat

On March 28, dena took over the presidency of the European Energy Network (EnR) for 2023 from the Portuguese energy agency, ADENE. As Managing Director of dena, Kristina Haverkamp now chairs the network.
The experience with the current energy crisis makes the cooperation in EnR even more important. Close European cooperation is essential in several areas of action that are critical for a successful green transition in Europe. EnR is a suitable platform to discuss such pressing issues so that the presidency will concentrate on the following focus topics in 2023:

  • Value chains and industrial production capacities for the energy transition in Europe.
  • Challenges in reducing energy consumption in the building sector and in the refurbishment of buildings
  • Importance of the energy transition in the heating and cooling sector with regard to the provisions of the REDII Directive

You may contact the EnR Secretariat at
At dena Tim Banning and Sonja Leidner are responsible for managing the EnR Secretariat.