Presidency & Secretariat

RVO was appointed as President of the EnR Network for 2020 during the EnR Full meeting in Brussels in February 2020. RVO’s main theme for the Presidency will be focussed around  “Smart Integration and the Renovation Wave”, algining closely with the European Green Deal. This cross-cutting topic covers a whole range of themes including:

  • Efficiency and affordable energy – leave no one behind – Just transition – integrated approach to this topic
  • Community energy engagement – integrated approach, engagement with local/ regional government;

International Collaboration will also be on RVO’s agenda including exploring how we can work even more efficiently and effectively together, taking advantage of each other’s strengths and exploring further opportunities for collaboration with similar networks such as the TAFTIE network. In addition RVO will, together with the Troika, seek new funding opportunities and to enhance our collaboration beyond Europe.

The current Troika consists of RVOESTENEA and ADEME