Working Methods

EnR operates within the framework of a Charter that regulates forms of cooperation between members. It works according to a principle of voluntary membership and has neither its own budget nor administrative procedures (except for the rules of the Charter). The administration of EnR is in the hands of a Troika management committee with a yearly rotating Presidency and Secretariat.

EnR activities rely primarily on ‘in-kind’ staff time and resources volunteered by member agencies to, for example, participate in the bi-annual management meetings and the meetings of the eight EnWorking Groups. A number of specific projects originating from within the working groups are funded by outside sources (for example Horizon 2020 or Life programme).

The EnR Presidency and Secretariat is responsible for managing and coordinating the bi-annual management meetings that take place in February and June of each year, as well as the annual Thinking Group Meeting, which takes place in autumn.

The EnR Presidency and Secretariat acts as the main point of contact for all stakeholder interactions, coordinating across members and Working Groups as necessary.