EnR offers a number of benefits to both it’s members and other organisations, bodies and actors with an interest in sustainable energy at a European level:

  1. One point of contact (via the EnR Presidency & Secretariat) to instigate dialogue with national energy agencies across Europe.
  2. Easy access to the cumulative experience and know-how of EnR members constitutes a unique and valuable European resource.
  3. Independent, impartial expertise from leading policy, evaluation, accreditation, programme delivery, research & development and marketing communications experts in the field of sustainable energy.
  4. Encourages and facilitates exchange of information and expertise amongst EnR members and with other relevant European actors.
  5. Regular information sharing ensures EnR members operate in the most efficient and effective manner possible meaning they can add real value to their work at a national level.
  6. A combined stance vis-a-vis European energy & environmental policy issues.


All the work from the individual agencies and the network as a whole, has resulted in a large amount of effective, innovative and inspring projects. You can find some of these projects translated into factsheets, to showcase the best practices from both national agencies (the national factsheets) and from a collabration of agencies (the European factsheets).