Troika management committee

A Troika management committee consisting of the EnR President supported by two member agencies manages and coordinates EnR activities throughout the year. Each elected agency spends three years on the Troika, taking over the Presidency and Secretariat in the second year. A new Troika member is elected each February at the annual Full Meeting.

The agency holding the EnR Presidency chairs the Troika management committee, which meets between four and six times per year. The EnR President, supported by the Troika, is responsible for progressing any strategic, operational or communications issues on behalf of the network, liaising with other members as and when necessary.

The Troika Plus format for 2023 is composed of dena (DE, 2023 Presidency), ADENE (PT, 2022 Presidency) and ADEME (FR, 2021 Presidency). ADEME thereby maintains its place in the Troika as no member agency has been identified to take over the presidency in 2024. In the Troika Plus format, the Troika is joined by an additional former presidency holder. RVO (NL, 2020 Presidency) fills this role in the Troika Plus format for 2023 .