About EnR


EnR is a voluntary network of national energy agencies with currently twenty-four members, with responsibility for the planning, management or review of national research, development, demonstration or dissemination programmes in the fields of energy efficiency and renewable energy and climate change abatement.

It seeks to strengthen cooperation between member agencies and other European actors on all issues relevant to sustainable energy (energy efficiency, sustainable transport and renewable energy). International comparison and information sharing takes place primarily through our eight Working Groups, which are also open to relevant non-member organisations. As well as this exchange of information, EnR Working Groups serve as fora for the conception and implementation of successful common projects within the framework of EU-funded programmes, such as the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 Programme. For examples of further information on ongoing and complete common projects, visit the Working Groups section of the website.

EnR provides a first point of contact for national energy agencies in EU Member States. EnR dedicates its efforts towards joint activities where its unique character provides added value at both a European and individual Member State level. It provides a channel for pan-European technical support on matters of energy policy, strategy, evaluation, programme design & delivery and marketing communications.

EnR infographic

This infographic provides an overview of the EnR network, showing all the member agencies and describing our main goals and activities.