European Energy Network at the UN Water Conference 2023

On World Water Day, last March 22, and throughout the week, the European Energy Network, EnR, was present at the UN Water Conference 2023, as the network is preparing to launch a new Working Group (WG) on Water-Energy Nexus.

At a side event at UN Headquarters in New York City, Nelson Lage, the President of EnR and ADENE, Portuguese Energy Agency, highlighted the importance of partnerships and cooperation between water and energy professionals, and EnR’s commitment to the Water-Energy Nexus, with the upcoming formal creation of a new WG in the network. In fact, the creation of this WG on Water-Energy Nexus was formally submitted as EnR’s commitment to the UN Water Action Agenda.

The Chair of the new WG, Filipa Newton, also spoke at the side event on the activities the EnR is developing and on ADENE’s water efficiency rating AQUA+ and its combined potential for water and energy savings.

The side event Women4OurWater was promoted by NGO Business As Nature to highlights the role of women for the preservation, protection, access, management and efficient use and regeneration of water in Portuguese-speaking countries, contributing to SDG2, SDG8,  SDG9, SDG11, SDG12 and, of course, SDG6. The event was opened by the Portuguese Secretary of State for Environment, Hugo Pires.