Russian Energy Agency expelled from the European Energy Network – EnR

On February 24, Russia invaded Ukraine, mobilizing ground forces, and bombing several cities. The conflict, has already claimed the lives of thousands of people, including women and children, and it has forced the mass exodus of millions of residents of Ukrainian territory.

In line with the sanctions of the European Union and the overall stance of the international community to this military action by the Russian Federation, and after carefully analyzing the current situation, following up with informing the Troika and all the members, EnR presidency decided this Tuesday, March 22, to expel the Russian Energy Agency from the network.

Therefore, EnR announces that at the moment there are no conditions to continue working with an institution that represents an aggressor country, and that the expulsion of the Russian Energy Agency, in accordance with the decision of most European countries, is intended as a humanitarian and solidary response to the seriousness of the current situation in Europe which affects millions of citizens.

EnR informs that, while the conflict in Ukraine lasts, there will be no conditions to continue collaborating with the Russian Energy Agency, not excluding that, in the future, this agency may re-apply to become a member of the European Energy Network.