Event Information:

  • Thu

    Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue 2016

    Federal Foreign Office, Berlin

    In order to discuss applicable concepts for an intelligent, sustainable and cost-efficient energy transition worldwide in the light of the successful outcome of COP21 in Paris, the German Federal Government invites the international energy elite to Berlin for the second time.

    The Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue is the pivotal international energy transition summit, facilitating an in-depth high-level dialogue for the transition towards a secure, ecologically friendly and economically successful energy system based on energy efficiency and renewable energy.

    With a focus on international energy stakeholders, the Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue aims to develop solutions towards an international energy transition. The conference will strengthen the intergovernmental dialogue and aims to foster the exchange between high-level decision-makers from governments and regulatory bodies and leaders of businesses, associations, science and academia as well as NGOs and civil society who are active in promoting the implementation of energy transitions in their respective countries.

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